The Best Product Design

PT. Asata Utama Electrical Industries utilizes several design tools to provide the most efficient product designs that satisfies customers’ needs. With the knowledge of more than 40 years of engineering expertise, our transformers are installed in numerous applications across various industries domestically and internationally.

Loyal and Experienced Manpower

PT. Asata Utama Electrical Industries maintains ongoing programs of quality awareness and quality enhancement training for all employees.

Product Quality & Modern Technologies

PT. Asata Utama Electrical Industries utilizes modern machineries in the manufacture process of transformers. Each step of the process is carefully tested to ensure highest quality product and the manufacturing process is ISO 9001 certified.



PT. Asata Utama Electrical Industries has been established since 1976 in the industrial area of Cengkareng, Jakarta – Indonesia.

With the support of about 350 experienced and reliable employees, we are in line to support the growth of the Indonesian economy, reaching out to customers across the archipelago and abroad. reliable also very loyal employees so that our products is the prime choice for local and international consumers.

We strive to be the best manufacturer of transformers in the nation, while improving the welfare of employees and making a positive contribution to the nation.


Best Quality Product for Our Customers